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Over something as important as your time card you would think ADP would try to get it right. Ive been in so much trouble with my manager over this useless app that I have resigned to use my desktop instead. Freezes, double punches, "insufficient data" responses almost sounds like ADPs DMS System!!!


Does what I need it too.

Apple Watch?

Good app. Could use a better interface and faster login. But the ability to clock in/out/punch would be amazing.

Fix It

The fact that your app directs us to go to mobile.adp/security to change our temporary password on a desktop site is really sad. If you want this app to be taken seriously then you should accommodate to those of us who are always on the go. Very frustrating. I wouldnt use this app if it wasnt for my job.

Great love it

Use it all the time agin love it

Good app

Good app to keep track of my pay and pto

Great App!

Very useful!

Works great

Works great no issues

Great app to have paystubs at fingertips any time

I love this app I can see exactly how much I will get paid and I can always check to see my paystubs and calculate my paycheck

Good to have if your company payroll

Ease of navigation


I was searching all the comments I could find before I downloaded updated this app, and I was a little concerned because of how much negativity I saw...... Well I did update it and am happy I did so because this app is moving speed lighting now comparing from before it was updated ..... This was a good update thanks a lot !!!!!

Very cool

I just switched jobs and my new company told me I could see my pay stubs and W-2s on my phone. I love this easy access to everything.

Convenience at its finest!

This app is super easy to use and navigate. The app developers could not have done a much better job than this. It has all the info you could want and some right at your fingertips!!

Update issues

Unable to update click on link and goes to App Store the nothing! If the update not available remove the notice for the update


Locks you out and makes you reset all the time... its not like any one cares if someone sees your check...light up on security..


Amazing app! Easy to use

Awesome app!

Love the app. Super convenient. Easy to operate and works super smooth.

Its an okay app

I like it... its an easier way for me to clock in and out sometimes it doesnt work but for the most part its a good app.

No complaints

Love the app and easy to use

Already updated

It keeps telling me to update the app but Ive already updated it.

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