ADP Mobile Solutions App Reviews

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Easy access

I like the fact that I can easily use ADP and access with to it with just a fingerprint.


After trying multiple times to use this app I have found out that its not available to users in Canada. Big let down and very disappointing. Ill unfortunately be getting rid of it.

Adp app is available in Canada

In order to use this app, your company needs to be using ADP Canadas Workforce Now solution. So before you go off the handle and say the app is no good. Talk to your Payroll department and tell them to contact ADP to set it up.

Couldnt even log in

Adp needs to step up their game. Im in Vancouver Canada and I cant even log in, it doesnt ask me for my client ID even, only user ID and password. ( I know that client ID is needed to log in online )


This app SUX. Cant get my pay stub info. Cant correct holiday requests. Cant see my timesheets. Wish i could give "0" stars. Had enough and employer wont help. CRAP !!!

Update fail!

App worked great, then forced me to update and now when I select time sheet it closes the app. Great job.


The app is crashing all the time now and it would be nice to be able to add comments when I enter my time. I have to log in to the web site to add comments making this app pointless.


Please fix your login interface.

Invoice number

My employer has recently switched over to the adp system. The mobile app works great for all the people who work in the office but for us truck drivers who have to submit an invoice number to reference our time entry its completely useless. There needs to be a couple extra entry felids added so we can utilize this mobile app. We need a box to add an invoice number in to so the office staff can reference out ticket info and also the note pad option like on the website to enter a job description in to. Add those two fields and this mobile app will benefit a lot more people. Thank you.

Not worth the one star

Wont let me log in. Keeps asking for user name after I enter it. Very poor app.


Wont let u login only good for United States what about the other companys say canada that use your system

Doesnt Work

Is not working anymore :( is sad ... Use to work good before... Dont even download... Useless

Not bad, still needs work

It would be nice if when requesting time off a calendar would pop-up so we can see what day of the week we are requesting. Currently only shows Month/Day/Year and if you jump to your calendar to check you lose all progress and have to start the request over.


Great app, comes in very handy!

Fine tuning

The employee self-service login doesnt work. It needs the part for client # for employees to login and use it. Pay details need to display details.

Cant view pay stubs

Unable to view actual pay stubs, only amounts.

Okay :)

Getting good! ADP just showed that they are into resolving problems. Good job on the new 1080P format screen! Now you just need to resolve those little glitches and UI images that have not been scaled. Keep the good work!

Its ok

I find that it is not correct and up to date if you make changes on the website.

Absolute crap

I set up my password through the website to be able to use the app. Well my account is locked... Worst app ever, absolute trash

Needs improvement

Basic functions ok but a bit of a pain to use. Slow navigation. Needs a way the same hours for multiple days

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